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Butterfly & Bee Basins – Epoxy Clay

Class fee


About the Class

Students in this class will design a colorful drinking basin for Bees & Butterflies to use in the garden. Drinking can be challenging for these valuable little pollinators but it’s super important to their health. Basins are a safe and beautiful place for them to drink without danger of drowning. Our basins will be constructed from repurposed ceramic flower pots, dishes, colored glass and stones combined with Apoxie Sculpt and a waterproofed gourd. Students will be asked to recycle, collect and bring to class three old 10” ceramic dinner or pie plates, and two 4”-6”ceramic plates or shallow bowls. Everything else needed for class will be provided including two large, cleaned, tall body gourds. An important class goal will be to expand your skills using a wonderful two part modeling medium and adhesive called Apoxie Sculpt. When cured overnight Apoxie Sculpt is super strong, durable and waterproof. It can be drilled, sanded, painted, and will serve as a truly amazing adhesive for joining gourd pieces when needed.

Class Duration

8 hours of class over 3 days

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