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A Master Gourd Artist


Carol Signore moved to Arizona in 2009. She brought with her a long-time interest in watercolor painting, a love of native American and African arts and an abundance of creativity. Arizona introduced her to gourds and the match was struck! Signore traded her watercolors for ink dyes, and her cold pressed paper for a garage full of three-dimensional gourd canvases.  


Carol's watercolor brushes now live happily with wood burners, power carvers and mini jig saws and sanders.  She loves acquiring interesting new skills, making beautiful embellishments, and finding exotic accessories for her amazing gourds. "There are always crazy frustrations in each new piece" she laughs,  "but solving those dilemmas is really half the fun.  Even if it keeps me up at night, when the light dawns on a good solution I can hardly wait for morning.”

Carol teaches gourd art classes three times each year

in her home studio in Green Valley, AZ.

See her newest class schedules here.

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