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Leonesa Dorado is a beautiful lion mask inspired by a regal Yuca plant near the DeGrazia Museum in the Sun.  I was fascinated by the resemblance of to the head of a lionof this  Yucca's aging trunk and spikey halo of fronds .   I'd wanted to make a gourd lion figure or mask for a long time but could't settle on a way to create or suggest my lion's mane.  It had to be able to accurately depict the bearing and feel of this unique and essential lion characteristic. The yucca had no bling and no glistening surface and yet she carried he head high with just the right amount of feline 'tude to be every bit the queen of the jungle.  To me she sparkled in that desert field and showed me a beautiful path to creating Leonesa Dorado (Golden Lioness). (21" x 33" x 5")

Leonesa Dorado

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