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    Safe Travels to Victor!

Victor heads to Greensburg, PA this month for the Seton Hill University Alumni Gala Art Exhibit. His melty brown eyes and soft furry features peek out from a brown and black native American  bone headband.  He combines Western, African and Native American styles in a single beautiful brown bear's face.

Blackwheat Jack dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow to enter Popcorned Planet's Fundraiser on You Tube for the Make A Wish Foundation in April 2023.  He brought in $1K of the $75 K raised that day and sailed immediately to Merry Old England and his new owner, Captain Kori of Derbyshire.  



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5'6" triple totem stacked with 3 wild "Sonoran Circus" animals.  left.png

Animals & Masks

Gourd Fine Art is a unique collection of "Wild Things" made from gourds. Each gourd is a special piece of fine art, bursting with color, and imagination.  Signore draws inspiration from the rich flavors of western America and kindred spirits from the plains and deserts of Africa.  Gourdy Cougars, Coyotes, Bobcats, and Jack Rabbits, hang out with Elephants, Tigers, Giraffes and all manner of creatures, some real and some magical in the award winning work of Green Valley, AZ, Master Gourder,


Carol Signore.

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