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Carol Signore Art Class Experience

Updated: Mar 23

“When we moved to Green Valley, a little over a year ago, I was anxious to get acquainted and involved in the community. My sister suggested I take a gourd class from Carol Signore and I did. What fun! Not only is Carol a gifted artist she’s a great teacher and very nice person. I had a wonderful time in her class and actually produced something I’m proud to display. Carol is infinitely patient and helpful. Also, she provides everything required to produce a finished product. All you have to do is show up! I’m looking forward to her lantern class in March and a second “private” session wherein my sister and I are scheduled to have Carol all to ourselves focusing on our two projects. Meanwhile, anyone looking for a unique, one of a kind gift for yourself or another, a visit to Carol’s studio is highly recommended. Her work is stunning!”

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